Cystomax Tablet


Cystomax Tablet


N-Acetyl Cysteine – 600 mg


  • For acne excoriate.
  • Severe dry skin diseases
  • Like ichthyosis, eczema, psoriasis, xeroderma.
  • For lungs health
  • Wound healing

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  • N-acetyl cysteine
    (NAC) comes from the amino acid L-cysteine. Amino acids are building blocks of proteins. NAC has many uses and is an FDA approved drug. N-acetyl cysteine has commonly been used as a mucolytic agent. N-acetyl cysteine is an antioxidant N-acetyl cysteine for cough and other lung conditions.
  • For acne excoriate-
    Acne Excoriée is an excoriation disorder in which patients have a conscious, repetitive, and uncontrollable desire to pick, scratch, or rub acne lesions. Excoriation disorders are a distinct entity within the group of Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD) and Related Disorders. All diagnostic criteria for excoriation disorders must be met for diagnosis and are as follows:
  • Recurrent skin picking, resulting in skin lesions
  • Repeated attempts to decrease picking behavior
  • Skin picking causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other areas of functioning.

Skin picking or dermatillomania has been classified as a distinct entity different from obsessive-compulsive disorders. These effects are due to the antioxidant and glutamate modulatory effects of n-acetyl cysteine. N-acetyl cysteine has been used in the treatment of skin picking

    • Acne –

N-acetyl cysteine helps improve inflammatory lesions of acne by quenching reactive oxygen species, inhibition of leukotrienes and prostaglandins, stabilization of membranes and inhibiting lipid peroxidation, its effect on comedones is less well defined and could be due to decreased sebum production, a potential comedogenic organism that has been demonstrated in comedones

N-acetyl cysteine acts in melasma probably by increasing glutathione which stimulates the synthesis of pheomelanin, which is lighter in color than melanin. Sulfur in n-acetyl cysteine may also be complex with copper to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase.

Ichthyosis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Xeroderma-
The effect is due to the anti-proliferative effects of n-acetyl cysteine which diminishes the hyperkeratosis of lamellar ichthyosis and improves the skin barrier function  oral administration of NAC exhibited significant tumor reduction and a decrease in the levels of UV-induced reactive oxygen species.

Wound healing-
NAC is effective in accelerating wound healing through various mechanisms. As a precursor of GSH, NAC increases the synthesis of this antioxidant, which reduces free radical damage. It has been shown that free radicals inhibit the healing process by damaging proteins, lipids, and DNA.

Direction for use

Directions as per physician.


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