Citrate Tablet

Citrate-Tablet 1 slid
Citrate-Tablet 1 slid

Citrate Tablet

Key ingredient

  • Phyllantus Embelica L. extract (Amla)
  • Vitamin C
  • vitamin D3
  • Zinc

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Each tablet of citrate tablet contains phyllantus ambellica L. extract (amla)1000mg , vit C 40 mg , vit D3 400 IU and zinc 12 mg true to its quality, these tablets are suitable for both Men & Women & improves the overall complexation of skin and Immune Health.

Phyllantus Ambellica L. extract (amla) vit C
Amla fruit is one of the most concentrated natural source of vit c containing up to 20 times the amount of vitamin C than an orange. The vit c in amla fruit is bonded with tannins, which protects it from being destroyed by heat or light. Amla fruits incredibly high antioxidants abilities make it anti aging hero. Protective skin from free radical, volatile molecules that disrupt collagen and cause things like wrinkles and sun spots. Regular use of antioxidants rich tablet prevent DNA damage over time.

Vitamin D3-
Vitamin D is maintaining a calcium balance in our bodies, but it also has functions well beyond this—for instance, also the vit D3 plays a role in skin preventing acne, protect the skin , also decreases environmental damaged.

zinc is an important nutrient for healthy skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties as very effective an acne. Zinc is essential to sustain and functioning immune system and boost your immunity.


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